Course Memo

This course delineates all the requirements of the B.S. Aircraft Operations Program-Pilots License (R-ATP) as specified in AC No. 61-139 and the FAA Letter of Authorization under 14 CFR Part 61, Training Specifications. Additionally, this course will be active from the time a student enters the program until graduation for the student to know their continued status. Upon meeting all requirements, the students work will be evaluated to see if all requirements specified in the FAA Letter of Authorization are met for issuance of the R-ATP which will then be annotated on the student’s official transcript as follows: "Student is eligible to make application for a restricted privileges ATP Certificate with a minimum of 1,000 hours total time as a pilot based on satisfying the requirements of § 61.160(b)(1) through (3) as delineated through the FAA Letter of Authorization 14 CFR Part 61 Training Specification Effective 06/05/2015." Co-requisites: Authorized Aviation Coursework-60 credits which includes FLT120, FLT121, FLT330, & FLT331 Ground and Flight Training as specified in the Training Specifications Agreement.