General Aeronautics Lab (FLT110)


Co-Requisite Courses

Course Memo

Subjects include theory of flight, environmental effects, basic aircraft and powerplant systems, weight and balance, operating data, basic navigation, basic meteorology, air traffic control principles, aviation safety and federal aviation regulations. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have gained the aeronautical knowledge and experience necessary to apply for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) private pilot written examination. A grade of C or better is required to complete this course. The FAA private pilot written exam must be successfully passed to complete this course unless this course is taken as an elective. In addition, as part of a laboratory experience, students are required to take five hours of simulator training and additional training to prepare for the FAA written exam as needed. Prerequisites: Class II FAA medical certificate, financial counseling and WR02 and BM02, if applicable; lab fee required.

Assigned Books