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Computer-aided three-dimensional application (CATIA) fundamentals is a course that is organized around real-world problems that would be solved using descriptive geometry exercises as a foundation and the computer-aided design (CAD) application as a helpful tool. Vectors, transformations, geometric modeling concepts, techniques and methodologies are discussed. Demonstrating the use of the CAD tool to the solution of concepts in other courses in the mechatronics program is a primary focus of the course. This will enable students to revisit concepts in other solid mechanics courses within the program (e.g. statics and strength of materials). One example will be a free-body wireframe model that students will solve by sketching and representing in a CAD drawing. The dynamic link between the two files (.catpart and .catdrawing) is used to illustrate changes in loading conditions. The application of CAD to industrial problems is also a topic of discussion, such as how design and manufacturing can be improved through the linking of CAD to computer-aided manufacturing applications. The standards used for file conversions and incompatibility issues will also be discussed. Prerequisite: CDE117

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