Basic Air Traffic Control Capstone Review and Screening (ATC300)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

This course will be a cumulative review of the basic skills covered in the program. Students will be tested at the end of this course as part of the overall screening process. This course will assist students in reinforcing the material covered during the program and serve as a refresher course before students enter the Federal Aviation Administration Academy. The review course will be taught over 40 hours (one week). To pass the course, students need to score a grade of 80 or better on the screening exam. The course grading will be a P (pass) for satisfactory course completion or an F (fail) for unsatisfactory course completion. The screening exam will be given on the final day of the review course, and opportunities will be offered so that students can retake the exam. This course will be delivered at a minimum of once every other month during the spring and fall semesters and at least once during the summer. Students will be able to participate in as many ATC300 sections as they desire, without additional charges, to ensure a strong air traffic basics foundation as they enter the FAA Academy. There are no additional fees associated with ATC300. The course was incorporated into the curriculum for students entering the program beginning in the fall 2008 semester. Prerequisites: ATC200, ATC220 and ATC240, graduated from Vaughn with an AT-CTI-approved degree.